No Print Preschool Spring Language Pack

Product Description

This no print is designed with preschoolers in mind, but it could easily be used with students in PK-1st, depending on level of functioning. The following areas are targeted within this packet:

♦ Pronouns – 20 pages
♦ Prepositions – 20 total (10 expressive/10 receptive)
♦ WH-Questions – 26 pages (18 who/what/where & 8 why)
♦ Plural Nouns – 15 pages
♦ Tell Me About It! – 15 pages
♦ What Sound Do You Hear? – 20 total (10 beginning/10 ending)
♦ Rhyme Time – 15 pages
♦ Bonus: A super-fun “Grow Your Own Carrot” Game

★Note: This product is intended to be utilized with the assistance of a teacher, SLP, or parent because it requires reading, navigation, and verbal discussion. It is recommended to be used 1:1 or in small groups.