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Thanks for this amazing resource!
Speech-Language Pathologist
When my school district went all virtual this fall, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was charged with helping to find an online material platform for our district to purchase for our SLP’s. We are a large district and service many children. After investigating various online platforms, we picked the Digital SLP! It has a variety of materials, especially at the preschool and elementary level, and is so affordable! The materials are easy to use and interactive. My students are engaged and lesson planning has never been easier, especially during this time when everything else is harder! I love the seasonal language packs and coloring articulation pages! My students love them too. They also love to play Snakes and Ladders! I am new to providing virtual therapy, but Digital SLP has been a lifesaver, and even when the pandemic is gone, I don’t think I will ever be done with the Digital SLP!

Tiffany M., M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Hi, my name is Jen Watson and I own and operate a private practice. In addition, I am a supervisor of a CFY this year for two public schools and provide services to a small public school on Cape Cod. I came across Digital SLP last year through your podcast on my many trips to visit my son in his Junior year at college. As an SLP of 25 years, I was looking for new ideas and also stepping my toe into the waters of relaunching my private practice. One podcast, in particular, has helped me to make the leap. I joined digital SLP prior to Covid-19 and found that the resources were easy to navigate, but more importantly targeted the skills for my diverse population. I use the resources throughout the week but my favorites are those targeting idioms. The homework sheets solidify the skills and the visuals help my clients recall meaning. Thank you!
PS my CF also purchased a subscription 🙂
Jennifer W., MS CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Thank goodness for thedigitalslp.com! As a full-time speech-language pathologist in a public elementary school during covid times, this has been my SAVING GRACE. I see the majority of my students in person but I have a handful of students that are seen remotely. Having this website at my fingertips makes the daily transition from in-person sessions to remote sessions extremely smooth. I always feel prepared and it notably minimizes my planning time. I am able to use it in replacement of many of my hands-on materials such as games and articulation/language cards. We access the website on both my iPad and Chromebook. Each of my students uses their own stylus pen so they aren’t using their hands on the screens. The stylus pens are a big hit and they motivate them even more. I know I’m reducing the chances of spreading germs between my students and myself significantly.

Prior to subscribing to the Digital SLP, I had anxiety over how I would handle a full-time caseload if we were to shut down and go completely remote and live. I no longer have to worry! Furthermore, my school district is under many restrictions when it comes to websites that the staff is allowed to use due to confidentiality reasons. This website passed with flying colors and my school was able to fund the subscription for me. I can’t express how grateful I am for that and for the Digital SLP! Thank you Jessica for taking the weight off of my shoulders!!!

Kristi R., MS CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
I signed up for the Digital SLP site during remote learning because I needed some digital therapy materials. I started working in a school district with K-12 students and I felt so lost. Little did I know just how beneficial the site would be! I use it in almost every session and my students love it! There is a great variety of therapy materials with increasing levels, and I love using the site to teach my students the skills they need. I can’t really narrow down a favorite material but the social skills and the follow-up questions have been wonderful for my learning support and life skills students. My students love that they are learning while staying engaged through teletherapy.
Mary W.
Speech-Language Pathologist
I LOVE The Digital SLP - it's been beneficial for both my online kiddos and in-person! I originally signed up when all my clients went to teletherapy. But as I've started going back to in-person sessions, I can bring an iPad with me and continue the fun! I love how many resources are available on this site. There are games, reading passages, and it covers every skill area you could ever need. Some of my favorite resources are the Early Learning Language Packs- so much content packed in one activity! I also like any of the artic games, pizza articulation is my favorite! This has helped decrease my stress levels with no prep time for activities and has helped my students to stay engaged and excited about therapy. I work with children ages 3-20 in the private practice setting (online and in-person) and have used The Digital SLP with every single one. BIG fan! Thanks 🙂
Dani H., M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
My name is Lara Voglewede, and I'm a speech-language pathologist working in the Allegan Public Schools, in Allegan, Michigan. I currently work in an early childhood center that houses general education and special education preschools, as well as developmental kindergarten classrooms. I also provide services to our middle school students (grades 6-8). I began using The Digital SLP site in April 2020, while I was providing virtual service to kids from the ages of three years to fifteen years. I started using Boom cards, taking pictures and uploading materials and really doing whatever I could to provide the best, most engaging, and meaningful virtual sessions for my students. However, when I started using The Digital SLP site, my resources broadened immensely. Planning for 35-40 weekly virtual sessions became much easier, and I felt that I provided quality services to each of my students.

This fall, I moved to the early childhood center, and felt that I probably wouldn't need to use The Digital SLP resource as much. I have been an SLP for 29 years, and I'm definitely "old school." I use objects and structured play throughout my sessions. However, our district moved to a hybrid and partial remote learning model, and I soon realized that The Digital SLP provides me with a vast array of resources to use while working with preschool and middle school-age students. I especially love the links that I can send to parents for further practice at home. The virtual field trips have also been a very versatile resource to use for a variety of targets. I absolutely love being able to search a specific topic (e.g. "wh" questions. /f/ initial) and having resources at my fingertips. I've also found myself using the resources on an iPad during in-person services. I highly recommend The Digital SLP website as a valuable resource for any SLP providing virtual or in-person services!

Lara V.
Speech-Language Pathologist
I signed up for the Digital SLP site because I was looking for resources to help me as I provide distance-learning speech services to my preschoolers. One thing I love about this thing is that it is organized by categories which makes it very helpful when locating resources. My favorite resource is the reinforcers, plurals, and pronouns. One thing this website has helped me with is preparing for delivering services via computer. It is very nice to be able to locate materials by month, skills, grade levels, formats, and speech sounds. It has helped my students a lot as it is engaging for them to have fun activities to help them learn more about speech. I work with preschoolers, mostly 3 to 5-year-olds in a public school setting. Thank you for this wonderful resource and for making my life a little easier and less stressful as an SLP!! You're wonderful for creating this life-changing website!!
Erica E., M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
I signed up for The Digital SLP in April 2020, shortly after my school went virtual. I work in a K-8 charter school in an urban community. I have been a SLP since 1998 and was working on launching our teletherapy program at the school where I have worked for the past 11 years. However, I was not equipped with the materials to be completely virtual. I was so happy to find this website!! I love the possibility to search by the need/goal target and age/grade! It makes my life so much easier! My favorite resources are the short passages for comprehension, articulation activities (gumball machine, build a pizza, coloring pages), and resources with beautiful pictures to elicit language. Membership at The Digital SLP has helped me cut my planning time dramatically! I can also switch activities on the fly like I might have done if we were in person. My students love the activities, especially the interactive ones and often request them over and over. To sum it all up, The Digital SLP has been a lifesaver during this pandemic! I know I will continue using the resources for years to come.
Karen R., MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
I signed up at the start of the 2020-21 school year to help me deliver Speech-Language services to my students via Teletherapy. My school district has been implementing Distance Learning for all students since March 2020. After 25+ hours of professional development on Teletherapy practices and resources, I concluded that the Digital SLP site was one of the best resources out there to help me provide excellent services to my students and families.

I love that there are resources for my youngest students (3-year-olds in PreK programs), for my upper-elementary students (4-6th graders working on fluency, grammar, and articulation), and all my students in between. I like that I can organize the materials using "My Lists." I've created different lists to gather resources based on impairment and seasonal activities.

Favorite resources:
Themed Interactive books (e.g. No Print Fall Pronouns Interactive Book), Scenes for Fluency, Would you Rather?, Coloring Game

My therapy is mostly literacy-based, and I use Digital SLP resources to extend my lessons on books by using articulation tasks, sentence building tasks, picture description tasks, etc. My students look forward to the Digital SLP activities each time I introduce a new book theme.

My students have become familiar with the routine and the resources we use in the Teletherapy model. They know what to expect when we use a familiar or new Digital SLP resource because the activities are so nicely structured and laid out. My students even make requests to return to the resources we've used in the past.

I work in the Los Angeles public school system. I am the SLP at 2 elementary schools and provide services to 65 students. I have Preschool through 6th-grade students (3-year-olds to 12-year-olds). My students are in general education classes, Special-Day-Classes, and Special-Education-Preschool-Classes. I provided services to students with impairments in the areas of articulation/phonology, stuttering, & language (including pragmatics and syntax). My students have eligibilities that include autism, specific-learning-disability, and speech-or-language-impairment. Over 50% of my students come from families whose primary language is Spanish. Over 95% of my students are Latino/a.

Amber H., MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Thank you so much for these videos of the week. They make planning so much easier and the kids love them.
Rachelle S.
Speech-Language Pathologist

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