Join thousands of other SLPs who have shaved off hours of their prep time by making the switch to digital!

Take your students on virtual field trips and engage them with fun games that target speech and language goals. All materials are teletherapy platform-friendly and perfect for in-person sessions too!

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"This site is wonderful. It has cut my therapy planning time in half and allowed me to spend more time with my students."
Rebecca S.
Elementary School SLP (K-2)

Join the digital movement.
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Find out how a plan from The Digital SLP can help you with digital speech teletherapy resources!

Maybe you never thought you would ever do teletherapy. But here you are, an overnight teletherapist! Wow. That's quite a transition, isn't it? The key is finding speech therapy materials that are teletherapy friendly and made to be used online. Luckily, the Digital SLP® membership has hundreds of resources that are designed to be used online.

Save time. A Digital SLP® subscription is a one-stop shop for teletherapy materials. No need to reinvent the wheel or spend hours searching for what you need. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together an awesome library of materials that you and your students will love to use for years to come.

Easy to use. Unlike traditional speech therapy materials, these materials are ready to use immediately. No cutting, laminating, or printing required! Just load it in your browser and you're ready to go!

Reclaim sanity. The transition to teletherapy is definitely a learning experience. Focus your energy on learning your platform and adjusting to this change, rather than navigating websites trying to find materials that are teletherapy-friendly. 

Are these speech therapy materials only for teletherapy? Of course not! These can also be used in traditional therapy settings as a way to minimize your planning and prep time. 

These resources can be used on an online platform or during an in-person session. For in-person sessions, you can use these on your computer, tablet, or SmartBoard.

Go digital and gain access to hundreds of digital resources to maximize engagement during your teletherapy sessions. 

Incorporating digital resources into your SLP bag of tricks minimizes stress because it directly correlates with a reduction of time spent planning and preparing for your students.  The best part? You're not skimping on quality and you get to spend more time with your students. These resources are high quality and are developed to maximize student engagement while minimizing preparation time.  

Say goodbye to SLP burnout

  • Shave hours off of planning time. Planning your sessions doesn't have to be a daunting task.  Going digital in your speech room will give you back time that you used to spend planning out each therapy session.
  • Minimize prep time. Once you start using no print and no prep resources, you'll wonder how you you used to always plan, photocopy, cut, laminate, repeat. How will you spend that extra time you get back?
  • Gain access to engaging digital resources that your students will love. Never underestimate the power of a quality interactive web activity, the ability to share resources with parents, or to easily download homework at a moment's notice.  These incredible resources knock out a variety of goals and quite often your students don't even realize that they're doing "work".

Join the digital movement.

Become a Digital SLP® today.

A Digital SLP® membership provides you with resources you need to maximize efficiency, confidence, and student engagement.

All Digital SLP® members receive:

  • 1
    Full access to a growing library of digital materials. Web-based pdfs are available for you to access and instantly implement in your therapy sessions..
  • 2
    Full access to a growing library of interactive web activities and games. Web activities and games are a brand new feature to the site. These are interactive web-based activities like sequencing steps (with moveable pieces), fill in the blank, multiple choice, word searches, and more!
  • 3
    Weekly emails with digital recommendations. Hand-picked videos recommendations save you from searching! Videos are excellent tools to practice social skills, assess comprehension, and provide a starting point for great conversation.  Now they're delivered to your inbox each week!
  • 4
    Bonus for premium plan members only: Supplemental homework sheets and access to the QuickLink feature.
Digital SLP

Digital SLP® memberships are helping thousands of SLPs conduct teletherapy sessions with confidence!

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Data Security & Privacy

The Digital SLP has earned a FERPA seal from iKeepSafe, an experienced data privacy protection organization. We comply with some of the highest standards in student data privacy, and our site is hosted on a HIPAA-compliant server. 

Who is iKeepSafe? 

iKeepSafe is an independent certification organization that works with companies to help them meet the stringent standards required to comply with federal and state-specific laws around student data privacy.

iKeepSafe privacy certifications make it easy for schools and their districts to identify websites, apps, data management platforms, and other technology products that follow various privacy laws governing student data. Products that carry an iKeepSafe badge provide educators and parents with the assurance that the product meets iKeepSafe’s stringent standards in the areas of privacy, safety, and security.

Members are saying:

"This site is wonderful. It has cut my therapy planning time in half and allowed me to spend more time with my students."


Elementary School SLP (K-2)

"I love your platform! It is truly the easiest one to use for distance learning, as well as onsite learning.  I can see myself having kids complete a lesson semi-independently while I work with other students.  It would serve as a station in a centers style session where kids can distance from each other and I can easily clean their technology between students."



"No print materials have been a fun addition to my speech room. Kiddos like interacting on my Smartboard or iPad. The materials are high quality. I look forward to the new materials added each month."


Elementary School SLP (PreK-5th)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't love these resources, let us know within 7 days of purchase and we'll send you a refund.

Is it worth the investment?

Great question! If you are a school SLP, you're probably making anywhere from $40-60/hr. This is just an average and I'm sure some of you are making more and some less.  If you take half that amount, you are now left with $20-30.  Therefore, thirty minutes of your worked time is equivalent to 1 entire month of the membership (and even less if you sign up for the annual plan!). If these resources save you at least 30 minutes of time a month (and I'm sure they will save you much more!) then you have broken even.  Anything beyond that and you've come out ahead!!!

Monthly Basic PLAN

No minimum commitment!



/every month**

  • Full access to a variety of web-based interactive PDFs
  • Access to a growing library of interactive web-based activities and digital games.
  • A weekly email with free video recommendations to use in your therapy sessions right now!
  • Searchable podcast episodes to help you stay current.
  • Supplemental homework sheets
  • Access to QuickLinks feature.
  • Cancel anytime. Please refer to cancelation note below*
quarterly premium PLAN

Save $18 per quarter!



/every 3 months**

  • Full access to a variety of web-based interactive PDFs
  • Access to a growing library of interactive web-based activities and digital games
  • A weekly email with free video recommendations to use in your therapy sessions right now!
  • Searchable podcast episodes to help you stay current.
  • Supplemental homework sheets
  • Access to 25 QuickLinks per month.
  • Cancel anytime. Please refer to cancelation note below*

*48 hours notice is required for all cancellation requests. Refunds will not be honored if a subscription renews and 48 hours notice was not provided. All cancellation requests should be sent to

**Upon sign up, your card will be automatically charged on each billing cycle until we receive email instruction from you to cancel your subscription.

Give the gift of a subscription to The Digital SLP!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What grade levels do your materials target?
    • At this time, the materials on the site primarily address PreK-8th. Middle school resources are a new addition and many new resources are in the works to address this population. 
  • What skill sets are addressed?
    • Articulation, fluency (stuttering), language, phonology, and social skills. Language resources are the most prevalent on the site.  New resources are being developed and added to the site each week!
  • Are these speech therapy materials teletherapy-friendly?
    • Absolutely! They are all digital and web-based so they are meant to be used online!
  • Are these materials only for teletherapy?
    • Definitely not! These materials have been helping school-based SLPs save time, space, and sanity as well! These can be used on an iPad, computer or Smartboard for in-person sessions.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    • Yes! Click here to give the site a try for free for 7 days. Please note that some features will not be available during trial mode. For the free trial, you will enjoy 1 week membership access for free, after which you will be automatically billed the current membership fee until the membership is canceled. Cancelation requests can emailed to prior to the end of your free trial.
  • What is a QuickLink?
    • A QuickLink is an easy way to share an interactive pdf or web activity with a family member so your student can revisit the material at home. QuickLinks are available for premium quarterly, premium annual, and district subscriptions. Please note that games are not shareable at this time.
  • Do I have to sign up for a certain number of months?
    • Nope! There is no minimum, you may cancel whenever you'd like.
  • What if I sign up and realize it's not the right fit?
    • Let us know within 7 days of signing up by emailing and we will initiate the refund process. After the 7-day grace period, no refund nor partial refund will be possible. For the 7-day free trial, you must cancel during the free trial period to avoid being charged. Once billed, the amount is not refundable.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    • Yes! Shoot an email over to or click on "support" at the top of your member dashboard to send a message. Cancellation requests must be sent 48 hours prior to your billing renewal date. For the 7-day free trial, you must cancel within your trial period to avoid being charged at the end of your 7-day trial. If you cancel, you will not be entitled to a refund for your last payment but you may use your Subscription Plan until the end of your then-current paid-up subscription term.
  • How do I cancel?
    • You can cancel by sending an email to or by sending a message via. the "support" link at the top of your membership dashboard. Cancellation requests must be sent 48 hours prior to your billing renewal date. 

"The no-print materials were a no-brainer for me. They are effective, practical, and motivating to the kids! The no print materials are cost effective with no prep and/or required storage in my tiny speech space."



"I love the value of the website. It’s also nice to have a ‘one stop shop’ and I love the clipart you use. I’m very excited to have this website as a resource!"



"I’m so glad I signed up for this. I was on the fence, but the activities are fantastic and, the best part, no prep time! I can load any activity and use it in therapy immediately."



"My students and I have greatly enjoyed the no print theme-based activities that focus on vocabulary, auditory comprehension and expressive language tasks. Love that this can be accessed at my desktop or iPad, and that you often provide tools for varied levels. These activities seem to keep even my most challenging students engaged. Also love when you use ‘real’ pictures to teach vocabulary."


Elementary School SLP

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