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Time-saving resources for speech-language pathologists that are teletherapy platform-friendly.

What is a web-based digital resource?

A web-based digital resource is accessed online without the need to print or prep. It is colorful, interactive, engaging, and teletherapy platform-friendly. It can be used on any tablet, computer, or SMART Board®. Let’s talk about why we love digital resources so much!

Time saver.

Digital resources are a huge time saver.  That is because they are ready to use immediately after you load them in your browser.  That means no cutting, laminating, or printing!

Ink saver.

Because these files are accessed from your device, there is no need to print.  The great part is that you still get to use awesome graphics to capture your students’ interest without the cost of using a ton of ink.

Space saver.

Because the files are digital, they are all accessed online which means more space in your speech room!  No need to worry about complex organizational systems! How many other therapy materials can you say that about?

Sanity saver.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to plan your sessions like you wish you could.  We’ve done the hard work for you and put together an awesome materials library that you and your students will love to use for years to come.

Loved by SLPs Everywhere!

I love this so so much! I like printing/laminating, especially for interactive books but this is just soo easy. The themes are very cute and I can work on so many goals just using this. I've only gotten January and February so far and I get so excited every time a new one is released. This is a must if you want to do something fun yet practical and efficient without having to print, cut, laminate, cut. It's such a time saver and totally worth it.- Drucilla
I can't tell you how much I look to this bundle! My kids love getting to use the iPad and the tasks are fantastic! Thanks for reading my mind & making such a useful product for the traveling SLP!!- Nelle
I love no prints! My kids are even more engaged when they think I am letting them play on my computer. They do not even realize they are working on their goals. It also helps them to be more independent. And it gives me a little bit of time, to take notes, data and directly help them instead of being worried about flash cards, toys, puzzles and other staff falling off the table, every 2 secs. 🙂 thanks for creating such an awesome club!- Irene
I love this product and it's very motivating for my clients! Such a time saver! Thank you!- Sharon
Wow! I didn't know what I was missing! This is my first No Print Language Pack, and I am absolutely hooked! This is such an awesome, interactive way to practice language arts skills. I cannot wait to use this with my students. They will love this! Thanks so much for so generously sharing your gifts and for making this so adorable and so easy to navigate! The preposition activities are going to be a big hit!- Dianna
Love the variety of targets for various students and ease of use. Using on the iPad is motivating for students and much more portable for the therapist. Thanks!- Vanessa

Save time, space,and ink with digital resources.

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