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Why do we love online speech therapy activities?

Because online speech therapy activities are colorful, interactive, engaging, and teletherapy platform-friendly. They can be used on any tablet, computer, or SMART Board®. Let’s talk more about why we love digital speech therapy resources so much!

Time saver.

Digital speech therapy activities are a huge time saver. That is because they are ready to use immediately after you load them into your browser. That means no cutting, laminating, or printing!

Ink saver.

Because online speech therapy activities are accessed from your device, there is no need to print. The great part is that you still get to use awesome graphics to capture your students’ interest without the cost of using a ton of ink.

Space saver.

Since online speech therapy activities are digital, they are all accessed from your computer or device which means more space in your speech room! No need to worry about complex organizational systems! How many other therapy materials can you say that about?

Sanity saver.

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to plan your sessions like you wish you could. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together an awesome library of online speech therapy materials that you and your students will love to use for years to come.

Get Access to Tons of Online Games for Speech Therapy

The Digital SLP has an extensive game library focusing on a large array of speech and language skills – games that are great for teletherapy and in-person speech therapy sessions!

Digital SLP® is loved by SLPs around the globe!

Top Tips for Speech Teletherapists

Check out our amazing collection of tips for speech teletherapists. Master whatever technology you’re using to prioritize rapport-building with students and families.

Digital SLP® District Plans

Streamline your district’s SLP planning with Digital SLP® district plans to revolutionize how your SLPs work. We can tailor a plan to your district’s unique needs.

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