How to Use Zoom for Speech Therapy Teletherapy Sessions

I have received many questions lately about how to use zoom for speech therapy in your teletherapy sessions! I decided to make a series of videos to cover the ins and outs of using Zoom for your teletherapy sessions.

First up is a demo of my screen during a mock teletherapy session. Please keep in mind that this is the screen from my point of view and is not what the student is seeing. I did it this way so you could view what I click and see how I share the resources, etc. In this video, I demonstrate screen sharing of a web-based resource, in addition to a pdf resource. I also demonstrate giving remote access and show what you can do if your platform doesn’t have the capability of giving remote access. I realize quite quickly during this because it is a mock teletherapy session, so I’ve gone ahead and broken the steps down into shorter video clips in the videos below this one.

Here is a demo of a live session using zoom for speech therapy:

How to share your screen:

This is super-easy once you’ve done it a few times. My biggest piece of advice is to make sure you don’t have a bunch of tabs open during your sessions. This is because you might accidentally share one (like I did in my video above! ;-).

How to give remote access when zoom for speech therapy:

Zoom does have the ability to give mouse control to your student via remote access. Some important things to consider before you do this:

  • Can your student follow directions?
  • Does your student have good mouse control?
  • Does your student have behavioral issues that would make giving screen control problematic?

How to annotate:

The annotate feature is great for making the speech therapy activities that you’re sharing on your screen more interactive.

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