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carryover in speech therapy

How to Promote Carryover in Speech Therapy

In this episode, I discuss some ways to maximize carryover in speech therapy.  While there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach, there are some different techniques and strategies you can incorporate into your sessions to see what works best for you and your students. I’ve also included a free handout that you can

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Core Vocabulary

How to Select Core Vocabulary Words

In today’s episode, we talk about core vocabulary.  We address what it is and discuss some tips for choosing core vocabulary words for your students or clients.  Don’t forget to click below for your FREE core word list! Use it as a starting point for determining which words will help your students get the most bang for t

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Sentence Types

Grammar 101 (Part 2): Sentence Types and Classifications

This is part two of the Gramar 101 podcast.  In case you missed last week’s episode, we talked about parts of speech, clauses, phrases, and sentences.  Today, we tackle sentence types and talk about what grammar deficits are common in children with language impairments. Don’t forget to download your free supplemental han

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Grammar 101 for SLPs - Part One

Grammar 101: Part 1

Grammar is the topic of discussion in episode 30 of The Speech Space podcast.  Specifically, this episode covers syntax.  I’ve had a lot of SLPs reach out to me and indicate that this is an area in which they’re not entirely comfortable working with.  I think that is for a variety of reasons, with one being that we aren’t

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Scaffolding for SLPs

Scaffolding for SLPs

In episode 29 of The Speech Space Podcast, we talk about what scaffolding is and why it’s important. Scaffolding: What SLPs need to know This episode is for you if you’d…

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Reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension Strategies for the SLP

It can be extra challenging to teach reading comprehension skills to our students, especially if we don’t know where to start.   In today’s episode, I discuss some strategies and ideas that will you feel more confident when working with students who have reading comprehension difficulties.

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dyslexia and the slp

Dyslexia and the SLP

Dyslexia and the SLP is what we are discussing in today’s episode of The Speech Space podcast. Listen and learn about how we define dyslexia, what areas should be assessed, and what treatment objectives look like.

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