Low Prep Summer Speech Therapy

Low Prep Summer Speech Therapy

Providing summer services might be something you’ve signed up for to provide continuity of services for your students, or perhaps the recession has put you in a position where you can’t afford to take time off. It is essential to plan your sessions to minimize prep time. In this episode, I talk about some of my favorite ways to set yourself up for a low-prep summer speech therapy.

Here are some ways to minimize prep time for your summer speech therapy sessions:

  • Reuse items from one session to the next.
  • Use resources that work well for mixed groups.
  • Pick summer themes that you could incorporate across sessions.
  • Use digital resources.

I really do hope that you found my tips for minimizing your prep time this summer helpful. I would love to know if you’ll be providing services this summer and if there are ways that you like to minimize your prep time that I might’ve left out. Feel free to leave a reply with any additional tips or suggestions that have worked for you!

If you found this podcast to be helpful, please do take a moment to leave a 5-star review to make it easier for fellow SLPs to find this podcast. As usual, the podcast will be taking a break this summer it will be making a return the first week of September and will be sticking to the usual schedule of 2 podcasts a month, airing on the first and third Tuesdays again.

Now as I mentioned at the beginning of the show, we are now offering a free trial of the Digital SLP membership. So if you are looking for a collection of no-prep engaging resources for your in-person or teletherapy sessions, then head over to thedigitalslp.com/digitalslp to sign up.

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