5 Must-Have Teletherapy Activities for Articulation in Speech Therapy

Moving to an online service delivery model is a big change. While some articulation resources that you use for in-person therapy will still work, others will not. Today, I’ve rounded up 5 teletherapy activities for speech therapy.

  1. No Print Articulation Screener: All Sounds – When you are looking for a quick and easy way to assess all sounds in all positions, then this resource is for you! This screener is available in the Digital SLP subscription and on TpT.
  2. No Print Articulation Screener Series – If you’re not in need of assessing all sounds in all positions, then you might just want to monitor progress on a certain sound. This series contains — resources that screen a sound in all positions. These screeners are available in the Digital SLP subscription and on TpT.
  3. No Print Gumball Articulation Series – This is the fun stuff. Once you know which sound your students really need to work on in speech therapy, then pull out these fun gumball articulation activities. Students say their target sound, then click a gumball, which slowly fills up a gumball machine. So fun! These activities are available in the Digital SLP subscription and on TpT.
  4. No Print Articulation for Sentences & Conversation – These resources are better for students who are a bit older. Real clipart is used and sound mastery at the sentence and conversation level is targeted. These are available in the Digital SLP subscription and some of them are available on TpT.
  5. Articulation Homework Helpers – Ok, so these aren’t actually for teletherapy, but hear me out! Well, they can be (video coming soon on how to turn any resource into a teletherapy activity), but I wouldn’t suggest it. Mainly, because they are vertically oriented and you really want to use something that fills your screen nicely for teletherapy. So why did I include them? Because these are the activities you are going to send home to parents for extra practice! These are no-prep, so the parent would just need to print and the activity is ready to go! These are only available in the Digital SLP membership at this time.

I know there are tons of great articulation resources out there, but these are the ones I’ve used the most with my students. I hope you find these helpful for your students too!



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