Five Fab Freebies: Holidays Part 4

The holiday season is upon us! It can be such a beautiful and magical time-especially for the kids! I’ve taken a moment to compile some festive freebies for you to try in your speech room; I hope that they bring the season to life right in your therapy sessions!
1) First, we have Presents and Perspective Taking, by Jaclyn Watson.  It’s a great set of worksheets that can help your students work on just that-perspective taking! With a Christmasy twist, it’s sure to be a fun activity!

2) Next up, I have a language-based freebie for you. It is appropriately themed for the cold and Christmas time. Created by Ashley Rossi, this can be used to target verbs, synonyms and antonyms, and much more!

3) Breanna Allor created the third freebie for today. It is Roll a Christmas Tree, and includes templates and instructions for you to use this Christmas-construction game in therapy. So many goals can be targeted using this game, and it’s a fun way to bring some holiday cheer to your room!
4)  Final Consonant Deletion Minimal pairs is the fourth freebie that I have for you, today. This was created by the SLT Scrapbook and includes 15 pairs of words that target final consonant deletion!

5) Finally, a no-prep coloring activity/velcro game is the fifth freebie that I have for you. Build-A-Santa, by Panda Speech, is a fun and creative way to bring Santa to life in the speech room! You can incorporate any goal into this activity.

Thanks for stopping by to check out these fabulous, festive freebies! Make sure to let the creators know how much you love their products! Be on the look out for Part 2 coming soon 🙂


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