Five Fab Freebies: Valentine’s Day Freebies for SLPs, Part 3

Love is in the air again!  Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to use themed activities in your therapy sessions, and I’ve got 5 perfect (and free!) ways for you to do that.
1) The first freebie of the day is Valentine’s Day Social Language, by Speech Me Maybe. It includes 54 task cards which target topic maintenance, politeness, and initiating conversation. This is a great activity to use with your group sessions-pair up your students and have them act it out!
2) Up next, I’ve created these Idiom Cards for you! They are a sample of my Valentine’s Day Idioms pack. This freebie includes 6 idiom cards to be paired with their true meaning. You can have lots of fun with these!
3) 100 Valentine’s Hearts, by Ashley Rossi, can be incorporated into any of your student’s goals-just have them color in a new heart each time they hit a target. You can use this within one session, or over the course of the month so your students can see their progress! A fabulous reinforcer for articulation, and an easy way to take data!
4) Next, we have Cupid Quandary, by SmartmouthSLP. This freebie targets social skills with 16 Valentine’s Day-themed social question cards. It also includes blank templates to create your own cards, and ideas for activity extension. This is a great one to use with your middle-schoolers!
5) Last but certainly not least, Speech is Sweet has created this Valentine’s freebie, which goes along with the book The Night Before Valentine’s Day. Books are a great way to target a wide range of skills, and this freebie makes it easy with comprehension and sequencing worksheets!
Thanks for dropping by! I hope you love these freebies, and I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day filled with all the chocolate you can eat. If you get a chance, make sure to let the creators of these fabulous freebies know how great they are!
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