Online Speech Therapy Games for Teletherapy

FREE Online Speech Therapy Games for Teletherapy

Updated March 22, 2022

Free online speech therapy games for teletherapy are at the top of many SLPs’ lists! Be sure to check out this article if you’re wondering what makes a good online speech therapy game.

I originally wrote this article back at the very beginning of the pandemic, I’m finding it’s still relevant due to the rise in the number of SLPs doing teletherapy now. The list below contains many free teletherapy resources to make your life a little bit easier! One other thing worth mentioning is that these resources are also great for in-person sessions too!

Freebies Library with 10 free resources from The Digital SLP

Spring Pronoun Sampler from The Digital SLP

Sprint 100 Trials Freebie from The Digital SLP

Which Questions Boom Cards for Speech Therapy from Angie S.

Main Idea Shorties for Google Drive from The Whimsical Word

Sequencing Hygiene – Visual Sequences with Pictures Boom Cards from Speech Your Mind

No Print Speech Therapy Expanding Sentences | Real Photos | Story Starters from Language  Speech and Literacy

Where’s my /R/ Sound? Articulation Practice with Boom Cards from My Teletherapy Room

Ninja Themed Before/After Directions Boom Cards Freebie from The Speech Ninja

Free Boom Cards | Vocalic R Coarticulation Sentence Deck – AIR | Speech Therapy from GoldieTalks Speech

Articulation Picture Search – R-Blends Freebie by Stacy Crouse

Animal Adjectives Boom Cards Freebie by Stacy Crouse

Fire Station One Page Picture Scene for Mixed Groups by Stacy Crouse

Sorting Colors Boom Cards No Print Basic Concepts by Stacy Crouse

Virtual Field Trip – On the Farm by The Digital SLP

Easter Express for Articulation: K Sound | No Print | Boom Card Activity from My Teletherapy Room

No Print Summer Language Pack from The Speech Serenade

Boom Cards | Categories | Speech Sounds | R Sound from Looks Like Language

What Belongs Winter Boom Cards from Looks Like Language

I hope this helps you to find some great free online speech therapy games for both your teletherapy and in-person sessions.







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