Pushing Back Against Perfectionism

Pushing Back Against Perfectionism

This episode’s topic focuses on embracing imperfection and reclaiming your creativity! Join our podcast as we explore the liberating journey of pushing back against perfectionism, fostering growth, and celebrating the beauty of authenticity. Tune in below to learn more and don’t forget to check out the links and resources section at the bottom of the page!

Pushing back against perfectionism involves reevaluating the unreasonably high standards often set for ourselves or others. This mindset, linked to various mental health issues like anxiety and depression, is frequently misconstrued as a desirable trait, particularly in professional contexts. However, not all perfectionism is harmful. Adaptive perfectionism focuses on realistic goals and flexibility, contrasting with the rigid, unrealistic expectations of maladaptive perfectionism.

To counter harmful perfectionism, concepts like “excellencism” and “healthy striving” emphasize setting achievable goals and being resilient when they aren’t met. Mindfulness plays a crucial role in managing perfectionism, helping stay grounded in the present and reducing the focus on unattainable future ideals. Self-compassion, as championed by Kristin Neff, involves treating oneself with the same kindness and understanding extended to others. It comprises mindfulness, kindness, and recognizing shared human experiences, effectively weakening the link between perfectionism and negative mental health outcomes.

Understanding one’s personal “perfectionism story” can also be enlightening, aiding in identifying the root causes and developing healthier coping strategies. For practitioners like speech-language pathologists, incorporating lessons about embracing imperfection in educational settings can be beneficial, especially for young learners. Ultimately, pushing back against perfectionism involves a balanced approach of self-awareness, adaptability, and compassion.

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