Five Fab Freebies for Winter 2017-Part 8!

We’ve made it to the end of January (almost), and I hope everyone’s 2018 has been nothing but wonderful so far! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is starting to feel the slump of winter setting in-it’s cold, a little dreary, and let’s face it, some days I just want to stay in bed! In case ya’ll are familiar with this feeling, I’ve put together a few freebies for you, because we could all just use a little inspiration sometimes! I hope you enjoy these wintery freebies!

1) Alberta Speechie created this first freebie on the list! Sport Sort is a cute activity that lets your kids sort out summer versus winter sports. This is a great way to target description, social skills, turn taking, and even receptive language! Love this freebie!


2) The next freebie on my list is this Prepositions board game by Type B SLP. This one is ideal for K-2nd grade, and targets the use of action verbs and pronouns along with prepositions. Students always love when therapy is turned into a game, and this freebie makes it easy to do that!


3) Angie S created these winter coloring pages. I love coloring pages because they are so simple, but you can target so many different goals using them. Or, you can use them as a reinforcer or break time activity. You might use this freebie to target description, following directions, expressive language, you name it!


4) I have shared this freebie before, but I love it so much I needed to share it again with you! I am all for any activity that goes along with a book, because we know how important reading is for development-especially language! Make reading interactive with this freebie by Speech is Sweet. Target comprehension, sequencing, and more!


5) Finally, GoldCountrySLP created this winter freebie that targets following directions! The activity focuses on more complex verbal directions, which is an important skill for our students to learn and one that many struggle with! It is the perfect, and seasonally themed freebie to get your students improving!

This is the last of the wintery freebies, and I really hope they have been helpful! If you missed part one or two of this series, make sure to check them out. Until next time!

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