Five Fab Freebies for Winter 2017-Part 2!

I hope everyone has a very happy and relaxing holiday season. All I wanted for Christmas were more free speech therapy materials, and Santa sure delivered! As we jump back into school and work in this New Year (can you believe it’s 2018??), I’m here to share with you some more fabulous winter speech freebies to use in your classrooms and clinics. Enjoy!

1) Number one on this list, is Same and Different Snowflakes by Angie S. This freebie was created specifically with children with autism and special needs in mind. Help your kiddos learn to discriminate and compare/contrast these snowflake templates. Turn it into a language activity by having kids describe their perfect snow day-the possibilities are endless with this one.


2) Next up, SLP Tree has created this Igloo articulation freebie! Target /g/ in initial and final positions using this cute, wintery activity. Each block of ice contains a /g/ word; have your students build their igloo by accurately producing each sound. This freebie includes color and black and white pages, with opportunities for home activities as well.


3) Third, we have Where Is the Snowflake? by Jill Shook SLP. This freebie includes a color and black and white copy, as well as a data sheet for progress tracking! It doesn’t get any simpler than this! I love this activity for targeting prepositions-receptively or expressively!


4) Up next, is Winter Spin and Say by Sweet Peas and Pigtails. This is another articulation freebie featuring /th/. Make a game out of articulation therapy by having your students flick the spinner, and say what it lands on. The freebie includes 2 different spinners, so you could use this is groups as well!


5) Finally, we have Christmas Craft Freebie by The Speech Zone. This is a freebie for working on following directions, sequencing, narrative retell, making requests and turn-taking, and basic concepts. This free set of materials includes directions with visuals to make an edible Christmas tree using a sugar cone, frosting and sprinkles.

I hope you enjoy using these winter speech freebies in your sessions. Comment below with your thoughts, or a description of how you used them in your therapy sessions! I love hearing from you all! Stay tuned for more freebies coming soon!

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