Great books for Homeschooling in Kindergarten!

Since I am seriously considering homeschooling my oldest when she is ready for Kindergarten, I’ve decided to start researching books and curriculum.  As a speech-language pathologist, I was intrigued to find some Usborne books that I could use.  If you are looking to build or supplement your kindergarten homeschool curriculum, then you’ll love what these books have to offer!*


  1. Lift the Flap! Telling Time
  2. Wipe-Clean First Math
  3. Lift-the-Flap First Math
  4. How Big is A Million?
  5. Wipe-Clean Telling Time
  6. Count to 100

Science/Social Studies

  1. Children’s Encyclopedia
  2. My Very First Space Book
  3. 50 Science Things to Make and Do
  4. 1001 Animals to Spot
  5. Lift the Flap: Questions and Answers (this could be used for language too!)
  6. Lift the Flap: Questions About Animals
  7. Penguins
  8. Woodland Creatures
  9. My First Reference Book About Nature
  10. Above & Below
  11. Shine A Light: Secrets of Winter
  12. My Very First Our World Book
  13. Shine A Light: The Human Body
  14. How Deep is the Sea?
  15. Beginners Animals Box Set
  16. Big Picture Atlas


  1. Big Book of Colors
  2. Wipe-Clean First Drawing
  3. Fingerprint Activities

Language Arts

  1. Lift-the-Flap Word Book
  2. Raccoon on the Moon
  3. Wipe-Clean Ready for Writing
  4. Wipe-Clean Pen Control
  5. Wipe-Clean Lower Case Letters
  6. Big Book of Things to Spot
  7. Very First Reading Set
  8. Just Imagine
  9. Phonics Readers: Fox in a Box
  10. Phonics Readers: Bug in a Rug
  11. Phonics Readers: Bee Makes Tea
  12. Lift-the-Flap: Opposites

Social Skills

  1. Jessica’s Box
  2. Cordelia
  3. Albert & Little Henry
  4. Billy the Goat’s Big Breakfast
  5. A Tale of Two Beasts

*I am an Usborne consultant.  All opinions posted about books are my own.  Commission earned on sales allows me to keep this site operating at no cost to you.





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