Reading Comprehension Strategies for the SLP

It can be extra challenging to teach reading comprehension skills to our students.   Why is this?  Well, when we are teaching phonemic awareness and other micro skills, there are often specific rules that help guide us.  However, teaching to comprehend as whole, is a bit more abstract of a concept.  This, of course, makes it more difficult to teach. Below, I will very briefly outline some ideas, but you’ll want to make sure you listen to the podcast to get the details.

1) Identify and categorize information.

2) Run a book club.

3) Use writing to facilitate reading performance. 

4) Use a collection of comprehension strategies, such as:

  • Prediction.
  • Imagery.
  • Summarizing.
  • Questioning.

I hope that enjoyed listening to today’s episode and that you found these tips to be helpful. I did just want to remind you to that the Digital SLP rates are going up on February 1st, so you have today and tomorrow to lock in your rate before it goes up!

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